Founded by a Successful Educator & 

Award Winning Business Professional

“Just because it’s cannabis doesn’t mean it’s all smoking pot and chilling. It’s pretty much the opposite. Expect to work much harder than you thought and to be happier than you thought.”
— Kelli Brown

About Me: Excerpt from interview with Cash Cow Cannabis

The Hemptress (Kelli Brown) is a entrepreneur, speaker, owner of She's a talented graphic designer, an active tweeter (24k twitter followers) with a client list as far as the eye can see. Naturally I wanted to know what makes her tick. 

The answer apparently is not smoking weed and doing nothing. Of course like any business it takes hard work and focus especially in the ever increasing industry of cannabis. So I reached out to learn a little about how she works.

What events/decisions led you to open your cannabis business?

I was an elementary school teacher for many years. During that time I loved making fun visuals that helped my students understand and remember complicated information. I've also always supported the movement to end cannabis prohibition. When CO went legal in January 2014, I got involved with social media and began posting graphics about cannabis. People seemed to really enjoy my graphics so it just grew from there.

What's your strategy to get clients/sales?

I am very type A and commited to my clients. With me you get the creative type + the business type. I meet deadlines, answer emails, and am 100% professional. That's tough to find in this industry.