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Why Your Social Media Posts Get Ignored

Social Media Suffering? Let's fix that!

So…how’s that social media marketing plan going? Are your prospective customers engaged yet?

Is social media marketing a lost cause? Not at all! But in order to make it work for you as a business, you have to accept one hardcore truth: consumers don’t want to talk to you until they want to talk to you or (and this is the really hard part) you provide them with something interesting enough to share with their friends.

It’s that latter reason that’s been driving much of the surging interest in content marketing during the past year or so.  The only way to attract engagement on social media is to create content that’s 1) going to attract the audiences you’re trying to engage with; and 2) provide some reason that they’d want to share it within their social networks. It’s not easy, but it is possible provided you keep a few things in mind:

  • It all begins and ends with content. People share content because it provides value to them and their social networks. While the content should revolve around your business culture and products, it still needs to be relevant to your target audiences.
  • Make it easy to share. Include social media sharing tabs throughout your website and make your content sharable on each channel. Make compelling images (or infographics) “pinnable.” If you can create short, tweet-friendly URLS, do so. Accompany a blog with a LinkedIn ready Slideshare or a YouTube video with a series of Instagram pictures. Package it.  (source)