Would You Break The Law To Save Your Child’s Life?

Mo Barnhart loves her daughter. “I had Dahlia five years ago, so she’s five years old right now and was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was two. So I went from having this dancing, affectionate, happy, playing two year old baby girl to having this dying patient in a hospital bed over night, literally.”

As a single mom, her life changed radically once Dahlia started on Chemotherapy.

We lived solely to save Dahlia’s life.

“I had no idea that from the time of diagnosis on, that I would have literally no options. The very first surgery that she underwent, they literally told me that if I didn’t agree to that surgery, they would do it without my permission, that if I did not agree to the conventional treatment options they were going to give me, which consist of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, the state would take custody of her and she would undergo those treatments without me.” Continue Reading