Is Cannabis Far Safer than Pokémon Go?

It’s a drug so insidious, its oblivious users fall from cliffs


It’s a drug so insidious, its oblivious users fall from cliffs, walk directly into major highways at the peak of rush hour, absentmindedly stop their cars in the middle of the road — or wrap vehicles around trees — and become the ‘unwitting’ victims of armed robberies and stabbings. But despite government propaganda criminalizing one ‘drug’ as a dangerous narcotic with no redeeming qualities or medicinal value, the substance in question isn’t cannabis — it’s Pokémon Go

Every one of the aforementioned incidents — and likely an untold number more — are the real-life consequences the phenomenally popular app’s users have subjected themselves to while in the drug-like haze of game play.

Though an actual death has yet to be attributed to Pokémon Go, the app is already far more dangerous than cannabis. Yet cannabis, in most states, can lead to your imprisonment, extortion, and tarnishment of your permanent record, thanks to the State’s sham war on drugs.

At this point, it’s virtually inevitable we’ll see a headline marking the first Pokémon Go fatality — something the State can’t even officially ascribe to its politicized Schedule I villain — no matter what propaganda would have you believe.

“Death by Pokemon is coming,” Gerry Beyer, Governor Preston E. Smith Regents Prof. of Law at Texas Tech Univ. School of Law, dystopically warned.“Pokemon users will have all sorts of accidents as they use the program while walking, biking, driving, etc.”

Firefighters performed a harrowing rescue on Wednesday in Encinitas, California, after two twenty-something spellbound Pokémon Go fanatics tumbled “several stories” from a crumbling sandstone cliff. The Los Angeles Times reported,  Read more