Is 7/10 the New 4/20? Some Say Yes

For those who enjoy concentrates, Happy Oil Day! 

Most people who are familiar with cannabis recognize 4/20, either via its definitive history or the myths surrounding it. The number "420" has roots in cannabis more than 30 years deep, but a more recent cannabis holiday is taking the cannabis community by storm: 7/10, also known as Oil Day or, more affectionately, Dab Day. 

"710" is the number associated with cannabis oils and extracts for the plain and simple reason that if you turn the number upside down, it looks an awful lot like the word “OIL.” (Go on, try it on a calculator, just like how you used to type in 5318008 in math class and then giggle with your friends when you turned it upside down.)

Unlike the 4/20 holiday and celebrations, the 7/10 holiday is a recent phenomenon with debatably vague origins. 710 celebrations were first noted in 2013 after Colorado and Washington legalized cannabis, and may have resulted from the sudden abundance of legal cannabis oils.  (Read more)

Do You think 7/10 will become the new 4/20?

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