7 Digital Marketing Trends for Brand Success in 2016

Your brand success in 2016 depends on two aspects- a) knowing the marketing trends and b) consistently applying them and creating unique consumer experiences. Let's focus on the digital trends your brands should be prepared for in the coming few months. As a digital marketer, keeping up with ever changing trends is a job in itself. 

1. The rise of content marketing (yes, even more!) 
Companies running an active blog generate 67% more leads on a monthly basis compared to those who don’t blog. 
2. Blooming marketing analytics (number crunching for everyone!)
Expenditures on marketing analytics are set to rise by 60%. Market data will become crucial in any brand endeavor and customer acquisition tactics.
3. More videos than ever (you’re going to need a better internet connection!)
The use of videos for marketing purposes has been steadily growing. Videos are a perfect way to show how a product works. 
4. Humanization is the new automation (get up, close and personal – or lose!)
Companies that have been making an effort to humanize their content strategy, have been able to: a) increase sales b) inspire users to stay longer on their websites & c) foster customer satisfaction
5. Storytelling to hit the market with a bigger bang (fables, fables all around!)
Perfect for driving in engagement and nurturing leads, stories help brands align consumers to the emotional core of the brand. 
6. Micro targeting is the new mantra (because big things come in small packages!)
Facebook and Instagram allow marketers to really delve deep into the various options to select the right users, definitely allowing brands to spend their dollars wisely.
7. Online advertisements to skyrocket (get ready to shell out some more moolah!)
Mobile ads will grow by a whooping 45% and online ad expenditure is set to rise through the year.
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