Americans Support Cannabis Reform

Increasing Percentages of Americans are Ready for Legal Marijuana

Four in five support legalizing medical marijuana & half support recreational legalization; Many adults also believe marijuana is no more hazardous than alcohol


Georgia decriminalized marijuana, making it the twenty-sixth jurisdiction (Washington, D.C. included) to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. A new Harris Poll finds that the growing acceptability of marijuana among state lawmakers reflects attitudinal shifts amongst the general American public since 2011.  Support for the legalization of marijuana for both medical treatment and recreational use has increased by seven percentage points over the past four years.  

Currently, four in five adults (81%) favor legalizing marijuana for medical use, up from 2011 when three quarters of Americans (74%) indicated the same.  Meanwhile, half of Americans are supportive of legalizing marijuana for recreational use (49%), up from the two fifths (42%) who felt that way in 2011. (continue)

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