Scary Good Ways to Stash Your Stash 👻

I want to know that if I turn my back my son isn’t going to somehow wiggle his way into wherever I keep my green. 


By Brittany Driver, The Cannabist Staff

Pot smokers usually keep their stash in a certain spot. I have a box in a cabinet so high I can barely reach it in a room that is shut off from my son by a baby gate. As a parent, I feel like my weed has to be on lockdown. We take precautions to keep cleaning solutions, sharp objects and hot liquids away from our children. Don’t we owe it to them, and to ourselves, to keep our medicine or recreational intoxicants away from them as well? And even though mine is in a childproof cabinet and way out of reach, I’m never really satisfied.....

As a budget-minded mom, I enjoy being thrifty and finding ways to penny pinch. But sometimes there are items that you need to spend a little extra cash on. 

Here are a few marijuana storage options I’m thinking of utilizing to help keep my pot out of the hands of my curious kiddo. (continue reading)


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