Which Fortune 500 CEO said, "Don't Outsmart. Out Entertain."?

“You are competing with every piece of content ever made for
every person’s attention. You need to be entertaining.
Don’t outsmart. Out entertain.” 

Dolf van den Brink | President and CEO of Heineken USA

People adore intriguing and unique content, don’t they?

You’ve no doubt read countless articles that state, “the more unique your content is, the more your clients are going to love it.”

Here’s the million-dollar question: How do you make unique content your clients will love?

You have excellent topics, great resources and you’ve written something pretty snazzy, but it just isn’t drawing people in.

Let me tell you a secret: Infographics are the way to go. They’re unique, fun, and help your audience get all of the answers they’re looking for in a short amount of time. 

1. Infographics Get Significantly More Shares
2. Big Brands Are More Likely to Pick Up Your Infographic.
3. People Love Visual Marketing.
4. Infographics are Perfect for Social Media Content.
5. Infographics Can Up the Number of Views You Receive.
6. You Can Grow Your Audience and Followers.
7. Infographics Can Make a lot of Information Less Overwhelming.
8. They are ‘Portable’ aka Easier to Embed on Other Sites
9. People are More Likely to Contact Your Business After Seeing an Image
10. They Help You Build a Strong Audience
11. Infographics Can Help You Improve Your Content Marketing

Provide A Stunning Visual Infographic: Click-Click-Click Goes the Mouse

Just by adding infographics to your content strategy, you are opening your site up to more clicks and increased traffic. Yes, it’s really that simple.

People definitely love images, cute graphics, and learning information quickly, which is exactly what infographics provide. (continue)


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